Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Forty - U2

I being badgered and goaded by Mick McGeough (One of Wales Greatest EVER Runners) into running The Barry 40 at the end of February. I can cope with 161 laps of Barry's Jenner Park Stadium and even have Jenny as a lap counter BUT it's only a month away and I need to get this race straight in my mind if I am going to give it my best on February 24th.

I've run 26.2 miles there before (just 105.4 laps) but safely made that inside the 6hr time limit and I KNOW that even at my best in 1999 I did 38.5 miles in six hours.

The problem is that even if I run the 40, I won't do it in the time limit and it will therefore be a failure in my book... and I don't do failure as it's psychologically negative to both my running AND to my thinking before and after the race.

What's your thinking as I would love to do this and shut Mick up!

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