Sunday, 13 January 2013

Stars on 45 - Stars on 45

Well we didn't get Stars on the Country to Capital 45 Mile Ultra, what we did get was a HUGE amount of MUD. Which represented the 22.5 miles of the race and which made the going extremely tough. What made it tougher for some of the runners is that the race is more of a 45 mile ULTRA-orienteering race and when the field strung out and without anyone in front to follow, they got very lost. Luckily with the map supplied and iPhone as a back-up, Ian Calder (my trusty sidekick for the day) and I got to the finish following the race route (well more or less).

We did really well and finished in 8.56.19, just inside our 9 hour target time. It was a good job for me that Ian was there for company as later on in the race we didn't see many of the 277 runners we saw at the start line.

Today, I feel that I could run another 26.2 miles which means that the recovery part of my training is going well and that my RANGE is getting better and that I am getting 'MdS Fit'. I've a couple of marathons this week to get in so the miles will pile up again this week.

More tomorrow following a well earned day off.

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