Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Santana - Choose

Lyric:- 'The time is right' - Ligertwood, Santana & Thompson

Song Choice:- The 'Choose' word in today's blog being the main point of today's focus as I've been 'Choosing' my twelve Desert Island Discs to accompany the chapters of my book.

The thing is, this is proving harder than writing the book itself as there are just too many songs to choose from in the thousands and thousands in my entire music library. I've got it down to eighteen right now but there's no U2 in there for instance or any of my favourite one hit wonder tracks from the likes of Feeder, Snow Patrol or 30 Seconds to Mars. For instance or Black and White Town which accompanied me during the Flora 1000 Marathon Challenge in 2003 for instance.

It's a bit Pink Floyd Heavy right now but that reflects my mindset over the years and I've not chosen Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven and I've left out any of my favourite Tubes tracks as well as Electronic and Synth Bands - so New Order got no order from me to grace my literary masterpiece.

Shit...Metallica's, Enter Sandman!!! I'd forgotten that one. Bugger, the more I think about it, the more I seem to have left out.

I know, I'll concentrate on what's made the cut, it's better to be positive.

Sir Peter of Gabriel, Kate's Bush and some Prehistoric Genesis of course! Plus the Mighty RUSH, my all time favourite are in there, playing their hearts out for me.

Bet you can't think of the eighteen tracks I've chosen! I wonder if they'll be the same ones I'll choose tomorrow?

More then...

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