Monday, 16 February 2015

Something for Nothing - Rush

Lyric:- You don't get something for nothing - Lee & Peart

Song Choice:- Time for some Rush I think, especially after a return to the dreaded Coleman Power Hour today.

We live in a funny old world don't we? And I thought long and hard about the getting 'something for nothing' especially following a week of receiving the best possible care and advice from a plethora of Healthcare Professionals in Cardiff. I didn't question their experience as it's really obvious to me when to LISTEN to good FREE* advice.

I thought I'd try and take some of this ethos on board and offer some FREE advice to some of my fellow MdS Runners going to Morocco in just 45 days time on the 2015 Facebook Group.

Well it's amazing that some folk on receiving quality professional advice gained from 21 years of running 887 marathons including 11 MdS feel the need to question things that are proven to work and part of my everyday professional coaching, then choose to ignore the exact thing that will save their race. It beggars belief how myopic folk can be about something they know very little about.

I can only hope that's part of getting information for FREE.

I'm sure the same people were in my situation last week, they would have been, elbowing the anethsetist out of the way, wanting to put in their partners epidural by following a Youtube Movie or Forum Thread.

I can say that I tried but I'm going back to payment in full for my intellectual property as FREE advice is worth nothing.

More tomorrow...

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