Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wire - U2

Lyric:- Is this the time, the time to win or lose - Clayton, Evans Hewson, Mullen

Song Choice:- Phew, I bet Bono will be punching the air tonight knowing that the Oirish Warblers have made my desert island discs - with the track that lured me into loving everything U2 back then in the 80s.

The next line is again about choice as we make thousands of decisions each day of our lives. Some REALLY BIG ONES, yet some little tiny ones that hardly need a second thought they are so trivial.

However the little ones seem to tot up that's where we can really cock it up as its far too easy to become complacent with stuff, running, home life and job etc. that before you know it, the big decisions are made for you and your choice has been made for you.

As I career headlong into being 53 tomorrow I'm making a Birthday Resolution to make sure none of the above lose my attention.

All the running I'm doing now is helping me to focus in on this and I will be fine tuning 'Life's Menu' over the next few months.

Right now? Well my second seven miler today is in the 'Bank Frank' and I need to find a Dead Horse to go and butter for supper as I'm a starvin'.

Have you earned your Horse today? Are all your little problems still little ones!

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