Monday, 2 February 2015

Showdown - Pendulum

Lyric:- 'That I'm so far ahead of the lines, you've be drawing in the sand' - Thompson

Song Choice:- It's been a Drum and Bass Weekend for my eardrums and this banger of a song got me through a tough power this afternoon. I'd have a download of it yourself if your inner soul needs a wake up call.

It played a good part in my own wake up call today as I gave myself a good arse kicking on the treadmill. Following hours of book editing where I'm bigging myself up as some kind of great Ultra-runner/Coach I thought I'd take a massive spoon of my own medicine.

I didn't feel too intimidated as going in to the gym. I passed one guy having his last cigarette at the door before his work out and quite a few Lycra clad women pedalling very slowly on their exercise bikes in front of 'Homes Under the Hammer', so their nice pink tops didn't get sweaty.

Beats me why they go...

I know why I do though as I'm in need of Speed Endurance and this is the best way to get it! The words I'd edited earlier came to mind in the last 15 minutes and I felt proud that I'd lived up to my own expectations.

Do you live up to yours? If you don't listen to the Lyrics of Showdown closely and do what Mr.Thompson says and 'Blow your shit away'.

More from 'Drum and Bassworld' tomorrow.

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