Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hold your Colour - Pendullum

Lyric:- When they take everything away, Hold your colours against the wall - Thompson

Song Choice:- This latest offering to my collection really blew my away and fits my thoughts perfectly right now.

You see I'm finally in the middle of the last edit of my as yet untitled book. It does feel like its the end of an era and writing it down will now take it all away. Hearing 'Hold your colours against the wall' makes feels quite vulnerable and rather than holding my colours, I feel I want to nail them very securely to my wall thank you.

Yep, it all got a bit personal for me today and it's blown away what grey matter I have away as I've ploughed my way through 16,000 of it's 63,000 word total. It's a strange process to go back through what I thought was nearly there only to edit out irrelevant stuff about myself that wasn't important and correct my grammatical errors. It hurts your head after a couple of hours and makes you wonder what the hell you were thinking when you wrote it!!!

I want the book to be an honest account and complete the circle. I'm not writing it to save myself.

The proof will be in the pudding though and in the next week or so I should demolish the rest of it...and then finally publish the results of my labours for you to get your teeth into.

I could do with some help with a good snappy title though so any help might well receive get a signed first copy!

More tomorrow now I'm going to be an author! Whatever next!

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  1. It's what you do that defins you!
    Long days in the sun with a top hat