Monday, 2 November 2015

The Red Shoes - Kate Bush

Lyric:- 'And this curve, is your smile, and this cross, is your heart, and this line, is your path' - Bush

Song Choice:- A brilliant track from her 1993 album of the same name and it's not the first time I've used it as an illustration and inspiration for one of my blogs. If you watch the video and ignore the corny acting you'll soon get the gist...

If you are midst Average2Awesome right now, a pair of the Red Shoes, would certainly help you clock up your daily step count but my real liking for this track comes from the above lyrics.

There's something deeply hypnotic and magical about 'And this curve, is your smile, and this cross, is your heart, and this line, is your path'.
Everything I've ever thought about life, running and reflection - in one simple lyrical sentence. It really gets my grey matter going...

It's well worth that listen, try headphones in perfect tranquility, in complete darkness if you can. You can then really listen to the multi-layers of Bush's incredible creativity and enjoy a long lost album all over again.

Anyway, less of my love of Kate Bush, more about those lyrics...

Maybe, take some time to consider...

Is your Smile a Curve?

What's in really in your Heart?

Can you see your Life as a clearly defined Path?

She goes on to sing, 'I'm gonna dance the dream, And make the dream come true'.

Yikes - How does that grab you?

I just love that thought and I wonder how many folk can actually say that they are actually making their dreams come true? Talking the dream is one thing, making it happen is another!

My endeavour in the future is to hopefully say I have...I know I'm trying bloody hard and I'm trying my hardest for those that surround me. It's not easy and as you'll find out, it's not as easy as putting on some new shoes as you have to cobble together your own 'Red Shoes' in the real world.

Who's dancing?

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