Monday, 29 February 2016

Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones

Lyric:- 'There is no other place I want to be'.

Song Choice:- I just loved JJ and was lucky enough to see them twice in the early 90's. Singer Mike Edwards is now a mountain bike instructor and I suppose the band are long gone now. Take a listen here for yourself and see what I'm on about as it's a great tune.

Anyway, the above line has always made me sit up and take heed of exactly where I am and what I'm doing every time I hear it. I mean, 'Is there NO other place I want to be, right now?' Or even 'Is there someone else I'd rather be right now?'

Anywhere? Hmm...that's got global implications. Somewhere Hot? Sandy? Mountainous? By the Sea? Northern Hemisphere? Geez, it's not an easy dart to throw at this planet of ours and hit the perfect place. And how long for anyway? A minute, a Day? a Lifetime?

I've got different answers for ALL of those situations.

Someone else? Erm that's a NO THANKS! That would be really odd and I'm happy being ME, acknowledging that I'm not perfect by any means...and slightly annoying to those that don't or even do know me and rather opinionated I'm quick to admit but hey, I'm ok with the me 'Right Here and Right Now Me' and there's no other 'Roryworld' I'd rather be in.

How's your Right Here, Right Now World? Wanna swop it with someone else's or just wanna improve it?

Come and see me and we'll make it happen...Right NOW!

More tomorrow...

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