Thursday, 15 June 2017

Armageddon It - Def Leppard

How are your 'Highlights'?...
Lyrics:- 'You know you got it, Hey, but are you gettin' it?'
Elliott, Savage, Collen, Clark & Lange

Song Choice:- Def Leppard's 'Hysteria' Album of 1987 is probably one of the 'Greatest Produced' Rock Albums of all time. Selling well over 25 million copies, on a single listen it's easy to see how the months and years it took to record it paid off. If you haven't heard Def Leppard for a while, zip back 30 years and enjoy the pomp, skinny jeans and back-combed hair of a multi-layered musical treat... warning - better get your 'Air Guitar' ready before you do though.

Anyway, it's that polish that I'm interested in today as there's no doubt the Album's producer, Robert 'Mutt' Lange wrung the last ounce of sweat out of the band and his 'Nothing-less-than-perfect' attitude is one I whole-heartedly embrace. Funnily enough, it's that attention to detail I also came across on seeing Constable's 'Hay Wain' for the very first time. It's in the National Gallery if you are interested and if you look very closely at it, you'll see all the tiny white highlights the artist took months to add to get things 'Just Right' - its an amazing painting.

You see, I believe it's an attitude you can apply to your own living if you want. You are probably not a musician or an artist but you could undertake a 'Life Laundry' and take some time-out to polish your lifestyle or throw out possessions you haven't used in 18 months, (excluding your valuables, nostalgia and passports of course).

I've jettisoned a high level of such superfluous items over the past week or so and it's amazing just how many iPhone headphones, Old Garmin's and Aromatic Candles one house can hold - let alone Race T-Shirts and Trainers. I only found a couple of £1 coins though.

For me it's been amazing how installing a 'Life-Update' has made me feel so fresh and ready to undertake my next challenge.

Take a look at the 'Level of Tat' in your home and in your life - you'd be amazed at how much you are clinging onto and how much of it you don't need.

And when you do - You'll know you are 'gettin' it' at long last...

More tomorrow.

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