Friday, 23 June 2017

The Spirit of Man - Jeff Wayne's War of the World

Lyrics:- 'There must be something worth trying for, even some things worth dying for' - Wayne & Osbourne

Song Choice:- I looked for ages for a song that enraptured my feelings at the end of a very busy week in 'Coleman-World'... I've actually had a great week, progressing my thoughts and ambitions - coming to terms with whom I am and making progress on planning the next few years of my existence on this planet.

And what a choice - and take a listen to the whole album if you can. It's amazing...

Yet, I've heard more 'Excuses' than ever for a multitude of people this week - More than I can ever remember. It's just pathetic... One person said that they thought I should be careful after I posted on a FB Group that if folk tried harder they'd get a better outcome and that I might upset them. Really?

You see, 'Failure isn't an option' it's become a 'disease' that's rotting away people's drive, resolve and determination. It's the easy option when the going gets tough... and when they do give in, the 'Failure Enablers' fan their defeat with praise. Really?

I was described yesterday by someone I really respect as being 'Resilient' and having 'Endurance'. A great accolade as far as I'm concerned, as I always see things through and when the going gets tough, find a way to still reach my goal.

Being 'Successful' and therefore 'Satisfied' is about being 'Resourceful' and not being a 'Quitter' - 'Quitting's Forever' so don't give up, give in, or ever make excuses to me...

You are wasting your breath - So instead 'Buckle Down' and 'Toughen up Buttercup' as nothing's that hard, in fact a lot of the time it's EASIER to keep going and get things done - 

And when you do, you'll be glad you did - And the folk you've surrounded yourself with, will start to respect you.


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