Monday, 12 June 2017

Two Way Street (Aeroplane Mix) Kimbra

Lyrics:- 'I feel the four become five' - Kimbra

Song Choice:- I love listening to random jukeboxes on 'Internet Radio' and on 'Apple Play'. Okay, a lot of it washes over but every now and again you get a pure gem. I'd never heard of Kimbra before last year, but young the singer/songwriter from New Zealand, (a real Kate Bush in the making btw IMO) is well worth listening to.

The 'Two Way Street' title really got me thinking mainly about 'Two and Two - making Four' -  only they don't.

If you are 45+ they make 3.998 if you multiply 'Two and Two' using 'Log Tables' but seriously I reckon 'Two and Two actually make Three'.

I mean have you ever doubled your effort, you know tried twice as hard at something, or employed someone to help you out? Well then you'll know where I'm coming from...

Double the effort with half of the return, if that.

Right now, if you are looking to succeed, you'll need to double your efforts and then double that if you have the energy and drive to do so if you want to make it.

Just think - If you are working towards your goal right now, whatever it might be, you are only working at 50% efficiency. You will only ever get 50% return of your potential... it's a bit shit isn't it.

Trying isn't just about effort though. It's about being smart with your efforts and where you apply them. If you are great at sales but poor in admin, get the admin you need to release you to sell, sell, sell and stay hungry for the deal. On the other hand, stale 'Salesman make very poor 'Account Handlers' and I've winced far too many times to remember seeing 'Inside Staff' miss out on maximising the deal.

Horses for Courses comes to mind...

The thing is, we are all good at something - something we love - something that drives us on - something we can be a 'World Beater' at...

Recognising that and with the knowledge that 'Two and Two make Three' might just liberate you this week, month, year or even your lifetime as it unfolds before your very eyes at <50%...

You can count on it...

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