Friday, 9 June 2017

Changes - David Bowie

'Change' your World, before it's 'Changed' for you
Lyrics:- 'I still don't know what I was waiting for' - Bowie

Song Choice:- Well, on a day of 'Change' here in the UK, it was the best I could come up with as I'll freely admit that the whole 'Election' process has left me rather deflated about our Country's political future.

The Election did however over the past few days made me think about my own 'Personal Manifesto' and in choosing this Bowie oldie from 1971, I read on Wiki that 'The lyrics are often seen as a manifesto for his chameleonic personality and the frequent change of the world today'.

Smooth - So it really did fit the bill quite nicely.

I'm sure you are more than aware, if you are a regular blog-reader, that I'm coaching 'Change' every single day of my working life to businesses and individuals - with the key message that 'Anyone can Change' or adapt to 'Change' they find themselves part of.

A lot of 'Change' is a really simple process - a matter of turning a tap on or off on ones behaviour. In my case with 'Alcohol and Nicotine' abuse the results were instant... yet why is it SO hard to get to that 'Point Zero' where you know it's time to make that 'Change' and plunge into the 'Sea of Hardship'.

Getting fit, losing weight or learning a new skill are SO much harder and have less immediate effects, yet we are more likely to engage with those activities than nailing 'The Preverbal Elephant in the Room'.

Time to wake up and take action folks...

The World around us is 'Changing', it will 'Change' even more with 'Donald and Boris' in charge (are they the same person btw as I've never seen them in the same room..) and start realising that we will ALL need to be even more adaptable as we rush headlong into the 2020's. Yep, a new decade is only around the corner and by then you could be the person you have always wanted to be - if that's what you REALLY want.

Today, a 'Black Friday' for Teresa May, needn't be a 'Friday Noir' for you - It could be a 'Friday of Opportunity' where you start to 'Change' YOU the world around YOU.

I mean what are you waiting for?

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