Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sign O' the Times - Prince

Lyrics:- 'Hurry before it's too late' - Nelson

Song Choice:- Yikes, can you believe it's thirty years since this Prince track was in the UK Charts. It surprisingly only peaked at #10 yet it's so memorable as it comes to mind every time the world we live in is attacked by mindless fundamentalists.

The problem is our world, this amazing place of wonder we are so lucky to be part of, is at it's most extreme right now, and will only continue growing to be more and more extreme in the future until one day it completely explodes.

It's 'Human Nature' it seems and hard-wired into our 'DNA'. If we continue the way we are going, one day soon our path of destruction will eventually see us all off.

You see, you and I don't really have a clue on what's going on outside of our own World - and the real World of Jack Bauer's '24' maybe a lot closer to being real life in the future than we think.

We only know what we're told - I mean, I've always been wrapped up so much in what I'm doing and those around me - I've left it to those in power do the 'Big Thinking' and have always felt safe.

The thing is, none of us feel safe now. We live in hope, hope that it won't happen again and especially that it doesn't happen to us or our nearest and dearest.

Is it a 'Sign O' the Times'? - Yes it is. Who's fault is it? Well it's ours, yours and mine as we are doing nothing to stop so far.

'So hurry before it's too late'...Do what you've always wanted to do and be what you've always wanted to be as I don't think Jack's going to help us...

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