Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Now Generation - Public Service Broadcasting

Lyrics:- 'What to wear? How about these slacks and this shirt? How do I look? You’re so attractive. Clothes pressed and mended, Shoes polished. How do we look? Good enough in that outfit' - PSB

Song Choice:- If you haven’t yet heard of the band 'Public Service Broadcasting', then it’s about time to awaken your ears to a whole new dimension in ‘Prog Rock’. Sure, it’s geeky and it takes a few listens before you are totally hooked but they are well worth a listen . 

To get their full effect though, I suggest you download the 2013 Album ‘Inform – Educate – Entertain’ and play it to death – They are simply the best band I’ve heard since I first heard Pink Floyd and Genesis back in the 70’s, and that’s really saying something.

‘The Now Generation’ is such a great track, especially if you are driving like I was yesterday, played VERY loud. The band’s mix of the latest music technology with Pathé News Reels issued by the Central Office of Information in the early post war years is just so clever. Who’d have thought that films designed to inform the public on matters in which Government action directly impinged their daily lives in this propaganda format, would ever be used as entertainment some 70 years on.

These films look so dated yet as a modern-day tribe and community, we digest even more information from a much wider plethora of formats. Sure, they’re not directed at us from our ‘Government’ (what a frightening thought that would be) but most of the information sources are completely unfounded. It’s amazing how much we’ll trust ‘Google’ to settle any debate, let alone quote the TV Show ‘Qi’ that freely admits 40% of its facts will eventually be found out to be untrue. 

You see it's the sheer volume of ‘Choice’ that's has become overbearing and buying a simple coffee at Costa has a made billion combinations possible. I wonder what the slack wearing, clothes pressed, shoes polished folk of the post-war years would think of that buying process. I sure they wouldn't mind the queuing but I wonder what they would think of the £3.12 price tag!

Make your choices wisely folks - that's YOUR choices, no-one else's eh?

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