Friday, 30 June 2017

Play the Game - Queen

Lyrics:- 'When you're feeling down and your resistance is low' - Mercury

Song Choice:- Queen's first venture into using a synthesiser on their albums and it heralds in one of my favourite all time 'Mercury' classics. Back in the day I think I overdosed on Queen a bit too much and I must have heard this tune a thousand times over, so-much-so I now limit myself to a once a year Queen-Binge and this has been the 'Royal Week' on my headphones.

Anyway, it's the lyrics and title that I'm really interested in for today's blog. You might well be looking forward to celebrate your weeks accomplishment as a 'Captain of Industry tonight. It maybe with a couple of beers and/or a curry that will tragically eradicate all of your hard work and exercising/dieting efforts of the previous five days. What a bummer...

You see, having a 'Fat Friday' simply doesn't work, it's just a bloody good excuse to load in a weeks worth of abstinence all in one go. I'm sure if I had a weekend bender now (probably a couple of Top Deck Shandy's) I'd have to take a week off to recover! Well it's worth a thought...why live like Mother Theresa all week and Oliver Reed the weekends?

So why do we feel the need to spoil all that hard work? It's something that's really obvious to me and when I communicate that passion and drive, some folk just don't get it or  simply put up the 'Barriers of Failure'.

Sometimes though you have to shout and if it's not loud enough, shout louder. You see if you see 'Life' as a 'Game' like I do, I want to know the rules inside out so I can go on and 'Win'. For example, non-Competitive Monopoly wouldn't be much fun would it? And if you've worked hard this week, don't mess it up - rewrite your weekends' rules and 'Play the Game' properly eh?


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