Thursday, 29 June 2017

Marathon - Rush

Lyrics:- 'It's a test of ultimate will' - Peart

Song Choice:- This is one of my all-time Rush tracks, and its lyrics have always spoken nearly as loudly as it's title to me over the years, for obvious reasons of course.

We live in our own personal 'Marathon Worlds' and everyday is a school day in the 'University of Hard-Knocks' and we all have our ups and downs. I've always said it's not how you get knocked down, it's how you get up that counts. Rolling with the punches will always get you to the finish line I've found - every time.

You see, psychologically, the last 35% of any accountable goal is always much harder than the first 65%. Marathons definitely follow that pattern with the last nine miles providing the 'Make or Break' mountain or wall to climb or break through that can shatter anyone's inner resolve in a matter of moments.

It's like that in our daily life and sometimes it's so easy to give in when someone that doesn't understand you and your needs, ignorantly attacks your personal protocols, your whole modus operandi. How many times has the wind been blown out of your sails just as you felt you were really starting getting somewhere? It's so rude...

My advice is to blow their 'Kryptonite' quickly away and surround yourself with the positive people that know and understand you, and what you stand for. Luckily these occasions are really rare but crop up when you least expect I've found.

Anyway, if you've encountered the same kind of experience, you'll know the best thing to do is to stick to your values, take a few deep breaths, get your head down and press your reset button knowing that you are happy being you, running your own race and not someone else's.

Listen and take it on board but remember you don't become a 'Winner' in this life being #Average.


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