Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day - Arcadia

Lyrics:- 'Could be my Election Day' - Le Bon, Rhodes & Taylor

Song Choice - Well it's only right to choose an 'Election' titled song for today's blog and I've always loved this 1985 track by the Duran Duran sub-brand 'Arcadia'. It's well worth another listen and a look at a very strange video. Just remember it was made well over 30 years ago and we were all a lot different then!

So, as some light relief away from today's 'Ballot-box Battles' and the dreaded 'BBC Swingometer', I've been thinking about my own 'Personal Manifesto' - What it might say and what my core values are for my own 'Re-Election'.

In politics it's dead easy to tell the electorate what you are going to do if elected and sadly these are seldom implemented (No wonder we are so cynical of our Politicians nowadays eh?). But are you the same? Do you say you are going to do something and then you don't? Are you full of your 'Own Manifesto BS'?

Imagine YOU are part of today's 'Election Day' - So here's the BIG Question... 

Are you the best candidate for your own re-election? Would you put YOUR 'Cross' next to YOUR name? I mean, if you won't vote for yourself, how do you expect anyone else to do the same?

In today's 'Election' it will be interesting for instance to see how Labour's Diane Abbott fares in the polls and whether her 24,008 majority is reduced after her recent media performances. Pride and Job Security will drive her to vote for herself for sure but in reality I'm sure she's not ticking her own box at the moment - It happens to us all at some time or another.

Are you ticking your box right now?  It's a tricky one isn't it to be the person you set out to be and live up yo everyone's expectations, especially your own. I'm no Politician, I'm far from perfect but I'm doing my best to follow my core values and am trying as hard as I can to live up to my 'Personal Manifesto'.

Maybe it's worth sending yourself an email outlining your plans for yourself for the next four years outlining where you are going and what plans you have in store for your electorate of just 'ONE'.

Now, that can't be too hard an Election to win can it? As for the actual 'Election' let's hope whomever gets in can make the UK a safer place for us to live in. 

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