Tuesday, 13 June 2017

May the Best - London Grammar

Lavernock Point - Not your Average Place...
Lyric:- 'May the best of you ring true' - Reid

Song Choice:- London Grammar are new to me and Wiki describe them as - 'A blend of ambient, ethereal and classical sounds', with melancholy guitar, soaring vocals, and plaintive lyrics. Yep, they're kind of 'Atmospheric' and try 'May the Best' as an entry point into their musical style and see what you think. I've been immediately hooked by this track and am reaching out for my headphones to get the full effect right now. And it's even better...

Anyway, the lyrics really hit home, especially as I'm closing in fast on my 1,000th Marathon and we are about to start work with another company using our highly acclaimed 'Average2Awesome' Business Coaching Programme.

So being 'The Best' is even more important for me right now than it usually.

I mean, who wants to be 'Ordinary' anyway? Maybe you do? Then again, if you are taking the time to read my blog, then I'd say you don't want to be 'Ordinary' at all but the you are perhaps just trying to find a way out of your 'Averageness'.

There's a lot to be said about standing out from the crowd, you know, being different. Breaking the mould and sticking two fingers up at authority. I did it back in 1994 and the folk I knew at the thought I'd lost the plot. They don't now though and of my last three client visits, two were from Dublin and the other from Singapore. Word is getting round and Google has certainly made the world a very small place to sell to and one that is whirring away 24/7 - 365 days-a-year - erm Globally. Not just for 10 minutes on a Tuesday just before lunch.

Now, is that a revelation that makes you sit up and think you should be getting the 'Best' out of yourself and those around you?.

Does that thought frighten you? It doesn't frighten me, it EXCITES me.

So, I'm upping my game... there's too much 'Average' around right now and not enough 'Awesome' going on for my liking. You know whom you are...

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