Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Gold Rush - Danny Byrd (feat. Brookes Brothers)

Lyrics:- 'I knew where I was going has forced my directions' - Byrd

Song Choice:- I spent yesterday coaching my latest #Average2Awesome Group at Stepnell UK, a building and civil engineering business headquartered in Rugby. And, as the weeks unfold I'll write more about my work with them and the journey of discovery the 12 candidates will be undertaking with me. 

It’s always good for the ego of course to speak to a fresh group of people about my life adventures and achievements – for me though that’s just my history which I’ve lived a thousand times over and yes, I’m proud of my work but the fascinating part of my first A2A talk is always where I turn the focus back on the audience and start to understand the personalities in the room, their needs, the way they interact with each other and their direction.

'I just spoke my mind' - Byrd

You see, I knew where I was going on my journey when I set off headlong on 5th January 1994 – it’s been well document and luckily, I’ve never looked back but the journey for my #A2A Stepnell People has yet to unfold. For me it feels like I’ve just been given a favourite ’Boxed Set’ to watch, with a plot that will twist and turn and a hero that will of course save the day in the final episode. It's really exciting and as in all of our previous A2A's I'm looking forward to getting to know the strangers I met this morning.

I came away feeling very buoyant and ran my old ‘Cross Country’ course in Stratford-upon-Avon on the way home in the searing heat of the day and ran only a couple of minutes slower than I did back in 1994 when I first started running when I was 31 so that made me feel quite ‘Awesome’ rather than ‘Average’. That's when I listened to the above track. It's really worth a listen if you are out there pushing yourself.

It’s really ‘forced my direction’ and my advice today is - If you are currently being diverted from the path by folk, you know the ‘Failure Enablers’ and the ‘Energy Vampires’ we all interact with on a daily basis, don’t even listen – don’t waste your time telling them to ‘b***** off’, just get your head down, keep the faith and be the ‘Awesome’ person you want to be TODAY and FIND a direction to follow as the direction isn’t going to FIND you. I can tell you that one for sure...


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