Sunday, 11 June 2017

Good Morning Beautiful - The The

Be free from the Evil within...
Lyrics:- 'That nothing in your world, can kill you inside' - Johnson

Song Choice:- Taken from their 1988 Album 'Mind Bomb', here's a track to blow out  your 'Sunday Cobwebs' and blow your 'Mind' at the same time. It's been in my music library all these years and it really is The The's stand out track for me - one where the music as well as the lyrics are just 100% aggression. 

Matt Johnson's anger and Johnny Marr's musicianship make this such an out of body listening experience and if you have 7.28 minutes to spare take a listen - make sure your neighbours are out and play it at '11' btw.

The lyrics continue and become even more brutal as the song climaxes...

'So ask yourself, what is human - what is truth'.

'Ask yourself, whose voice is it, that whispers unto you?'

'You've still got a lot to fucking learn, the only path to heaven is via hell'...

See what l mean...but I think there is validity in their harshness. I mean, what is the truth? Whom do you listen to? And if you are on a journey to your own personal utopia, well you are going to go through a lot of shit before you reach your promised land. And whether you are 200 days dry (well done Dylan) 100 days thinner (Well done Dan) or 1 day dry for the umpteenth time (You know whom you are) – tomorrow you can look at yourself in the mirror with a clear heart and a clear head and say ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ because whatever WAS killing you from inside - isn’t going to anymore.


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