Monday, 24 June 2013

Deep in the Motherlode - Genesis

Knebworth Programme
'If you knew then what you know today' - Mike Rutherford

Seems quite apt on my 35th anniversary of seeing Genesis at Knebworth back in 1978. It feels like only yesterday too and at the time was a real baptism into adult life mid GCE's as I remember. 

I wonder what I'd have thought then if I knew 35 years later that I would have just run my #774th marathon at The Cheltenham Circular? At 16 you're not sure what life has in store only that it's one big adventure waiting to happen and that it can't happen quick enough.

The Mighty Genesis
At 51, I'm now trying to slow the process down! Enjoy the adventure and positives that fitness and running brings. The Cheltenham Circular provided just that and I had a great day out of running with mates Nathan Williams and Jason Bulley.

I wonder what the next 35 years have in store?

More later...

(btw a Knebworth Festival Ticket for 24th June 1978 cost me £5.50, a bit cheaper than next weekend's Glastonbury).

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