Saturday, 22 June 2013

Status Quo - Rain

'Yes I can live without the rain' - Parfitt 
(Released on my 14th Birthday in 1976, if you were remotely interested).

There's only one thing to do following a Power-Hour and that's to climb Pen-y-fan on a ridiculously wet day in June. It was all Jenny's idea as we had a Saturday going free and an opportunity for an expedition where Rocky the Dog could also get an airing.

It all went far too well, with a Power Hour in the gym first that was hard enough of a push at the top end and fast enough at the bottom end to enable a good recovery before the next effort. I'm really feeling the benefits...

From there it was off to Brecon...The idea of climbing the 886m high mountain was to provide a good way of getting some fresh air into the lungs before tomorrow's Cheltenham Circular. Sandwiches in rucksack, in slight drizzle we set off merrily to infinity and beyond.

Nice idea but the 50 mph winds at the top and the driving torrential rain slightly dampened the trip. Poor Rocky ended up a drowned rat and we drove back to Caerdydd with the heater on full heat, eating our sandwiches.

Let's hope tomorrow's weather is a bit more up my street eh?

More then... 

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