Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Keep on Running - Spencer Davis Group

'Keep on Running' - Steve Winwood.

I really had itchy legs today... No not from the nettles at the weekend, even though they are still zinging a bit, but because they want to RUN. Not running today was quite a strong urge that I successfully quashed, especially hard as I feel great after last weeks mega-marathon efforts.
It was only right that I should listen to my own advice - the same advice I'd given one of my clients earlier in the day.

He's young, gifted and a great athlete but like running a car without oil had just disconnected the warning light and had just carried on through a complete list of injuries and problems. The thought of losing fitness and gaining the weight he's worked so hard to lose was blinding his reason... It's a simple trap we all suffer from time to time.

My prescription of 30 days total rest will help him recover and test his desire to keep on running when he shouldn't. In the long run it will save him and make him appreciate the wonderful gift that running delivers. Mark Pickard's story was foremost in my mind...

Is your warning light disconnected?

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