Sunday, 16 June 2013

God is Dead - Black Sabbath


When will this nightmare be over? Tell me!' - Ozzy Osbourne

I felt this a lot yesterday going round in 26.2 loops at The Littledown Marathon in Bournemouth (you know how I hate laps). Don't get me wrong it was a great day out at Ade Holloway's race, nice and low key as well as great support at the mile pit-stops but the laps on a grass circuit which was half uphill and downhill was a complete 'Brain-bomb'. The last 3 laps were purgatory.

There's simply nothing you can do to relieve the agony of the dreaded countdown to the finish line...

However, there's were some benefits of being on the mile course as I was passed every few laps by Jenny, so we could say hello, (she went onto win the ladies race and pot £100 for breaking the course record) and in slowly catching and passing people along some of the long straights. Danny Kay took a lot long time to wind in I can tell you!

For the record, the course added about 10 minutes to your average marathon time and for me there's far less leg ache for me today than a comparative road marathon. Essentially this was a bit of a number cruncher/mind training exercise with a bit of fun thrown in. 

It's also hardening me up for mega-days later in the year.

More later and thanks for the music Ozzy!

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