Monday, 10 June 2013

Enjoy - Janet Jackson

Muchelney Abbey
'So let's enjoy the simple things, enjoy the day life brings' - Lewis, Harris Iii, Avila, Jackson & Avila

I went to the Langport Walking Festival for a 42km running event that's now in it's 14th year. It was actually the lowest of low-key events that you could ever take part in BUT it didn't matter as it was just a really enjoyable 'day out' with like minded people and a good opportunity to catch up with old friends.

After a week of long running with clients it was nice just to be out enjoying the sun and the chatter as we ambled our way around overgrown fields of nettles (my legs are still zinging today) and navigated from one place of interest in the Somerset Levels to another.

It wasn't was just FUN. Isn't that why we run?

More tomorrow and good to see Big Dave Carter on my travels :-)

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