Friday, 21 June 2013

I hear the sound of drums - Kula Shaker Part 2

Well the hill rep splits got people thinking and Chris Carver got the closest to the reasoning behind the much better performance of the second training session. His observation of the slow first rep of that session is a reflection of the apprehension and recollection of the first sessions exertions but also shows how it helped me get into the flow of the remaining climbs which still matched those of the previous weeks even though there was 50% less recovery on some of them on the descents.

My own thoughts are that ,like everyone else who runs, it's just far too simple to take the easy way out and under-perform. Also that after the previous sessions hard run, it's only natural to run inside a comfort zone this week which will reduce the training effect.

I for one don't want to grind to a halt. Therefore I'm going to take my data and I'm going to try harder next time and speed up the climbs as I believe there's some room for improvement and I'm not so scared of the suffocation feeling I get when I am hill-repeating or running at speed. 

BTW the hill is Leckwith Hill and it's 8 ups and 8 downs if you were still wanting to know on a 342m run with a 34m climb.

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