Monday, 29 July 2013

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

'World keep on turnin' - Stevie Wonder

Back in Cardiff and with my feet firmly on ground 42ft above sea level it was back to work and back to 'The Rory Coleman Power Hour'. We might have just spent a week grinding out 60 miles at over 1800 metres but nothing matches a treadmill in Cardiff Bay with the humidity button turned up to 11.

Sweating nearly 3 litres in an hour makes for a very tough session and some very sore nipples from a sopping wet running shirt designed to wick ones sweat clean away. I felt pretty drained after this session but very glad that I'd been able to push my endurance levels up for 10 days at least.

It's a busy day of coaching tomorrow but hopefully there will be time to get some more miles in the sunshine on the clock.

More then...

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