Thursday, 25 July 2013

River Deep, Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner

Today's morning jaunt followed a four mile detox down the valley and back as a wind-down to yesterday's trip to the Pointe de la Masse.

My legs did get some recovery in the freezing cold river that flows thru Les Menuires but I lacked Chris's waist deep courage of full tackle immersion.

Anyway, back to today's jaunt up to La Lac...If you can imagine 250 metres of vertical climb on a boulder trail without any oxygen and you've got the picture.

Hard, yes but I believe it's getting easier and knowing we are running at 800 metres higher than Snowdon, is a real boost to the running ego and hopefully its working wonders on my red blood cell count.

Let's hope eh? More later... - The UK's Leading ULTRAmarathon Coach.

Location:Torrent Le Doron de Belleville,Saint-Martin-de-Belleville,France

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