Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Do you feel loved - U2

Lyric:- 'Take these boots they're going nowhere' - Clayton, Evans, Hewson, Mullen

Song Choice:- Coming in at #5 in the top 10 U2 songs of the 90's it's actually one of my all time U2 Favourite Songs. U2 are right up there in my 'Desert Island Bands' and their brand of 'Oirish Christian Rock' based on just one riff has always pleased the Coleman Eardrums. Try for yourself here .

I love the driving drums and bass of the track and the lyrics speak volumes. To me the song is about love and determination...and yielding to someone else's desires: those of God perhaps...anyway you'll have to ask Old Bono himself where the heck he's coming from on this one but he does talk about how he feels...lots.

And maybe that's what he's really trying to convey and it's why the song means so much to me. I get totally how I feel. How I feel about everything. I meet so many folk that let other people do the feeling for them letting the world wash over them until one day, in a cold sweat they wake up, smell the coffee and seek to make a change.

We tend to live in kind of dream worlds where we change creeps up slowly on us and a 37hr week for so many bucks becomes 55hrs for the same buck. Our home life becomes a daily drudge and boringly functional or we wake up one day, weighing 120kgs and can't remember passing the 100kgs mark...

It's because we aren't loved or in love with what we do, our surroundings or whom we are. We lose the energy to change and if we're not careful we become unlovable or as Bono sings your 'Boots start going nowhere'.

Are your boots stationary? My boots have been in the past, but my boots are definitely made for running.

Do you feel loved?

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