Thursday, 9 July 2015

Red Barchetta - Rush

Lyrics:- 'Then run like the wind as excitement shivers up and down my spine' - Lee, Lifeson & Peart

Song Choice:- If only everyone had a Red Barchetta hiding in their garage eh? We'd all be like running like a small boy possessed!

Then again, I still feel like I'm a small boy running like the wind when I'm out there on my own listening to this classic Rush track. It sort of finishes where it starts and as a song it repeat plays quite nicely. I love Lifeson's Harmonics and Lee's Bass line and Peart's telegraph poles of drum sticks hitting every drum possible. Yep, it's a RUSH classic!

Anyway, wouldn't it be great to have that run like the wind, cycle down a hill no-handed, carefree 14 year-old brain later on in life. When was the last time you air-guitar to Purple's Smoke on the water or Boston's 'More than a Feeling'...

Yet, we did and we did it with 'Gay Abandon'...Well, you could in the 70's!

If I'm honest, I still do a few air-bars of my favourite tunes during a race and still run like a carefree 14 year old with 39 years' experience so why don't you?

Give it a go and 'Let the excitement shiver up and down your spine' too.

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