Tuesday, 21 July 2015

She's a River - Simple Minds

Lyric:- I've found my new direction - Kerr & Burchill

Song Choice:- This weeks blog are based on some of the best songs of the 90's...and what better song than the Simple Minds Cracker, She's a River. Take a listen here if you've forgotten it or even haven't ever clocked your ears on it! It's a great long forgotten classic I reckon and I love it! So does Pauline my neighbour...it must be the plinky guitar parts and the wonderful female chorus that tickles my musical tastebuds, well that's my excuse anyway.

OK it's got a bizarre Video but it was 1995 and the world was a lot different way back then. I did the London Marathon on April 2nd 1995 in a very easy 3:54 some 912 marathons ago. There's been a lot of River under my bridge since then!

The River is actually a good life analogy, starting with just one drop of water that grows and grows...gathers speed, joins other Rivers and then flows out into the Ocean ready to start it's life over again.

Kerr's lyrics go on with, 'They say that every heaven's got a thousand rooms, so take me on that freedom ride' and that's the part I love about this song. It's the flowing from part of your life to another enjoying the freedom that life brings along the way as everyone needs a new direction now and again.

My Dixons Carphone Guys have got just that during their 12 week #Average2Awesome Journey with me. Are you looking for a 'Freedom Ride?'

More tomorrow...

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