Sunday, 26 July 2015

Jump - Van Halen

1983 - Jump!

Lyric:- You say you don't know, You won't know until you begin - Roth

Song Choice:- This is from 1983 and I nearly wept when I googled this classic and saw it's 32 years old. It doesn't matter though as the synth intro is still one of those immediately recognisable songs. The Eddie Van Halen guitar solo is pure gold - I've just listened to it again and it's a piece of genius - try it for yourself here.

Yep those 32 years have just zipped by...and there are so many parts of life that have grown, flourished and departed during that time. If I'd started guitar or swimming lessons back then and kept up the practising no doubt I'd be a Eddie Van Halen playing Triathlete by now - but I didn't so I'm still well out of my depth on both.

You see we have choices. Choices that won't affect tomorrow...They will affect a tomorrow 000's of tomorrows on from now.  The reason we fail is that we don't know when that tomorrow is.

What we do know is that it's a good idea to BEGIN...Funnily enough we are brilliant at putting things off  until tomorrow. The more dismissive-avoidant amongst you will identify with this I'm sure and rather than staying safe in your own worlds, why not find out by making a beginning...

Tackle something massive tomorrow...or something tiny. It doesn't matter just do it and not say you'll do it.

Might as well JUMP!

More tomorrow my Lovelies...

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