Sunday, 5 July 2015

Kiss that Frog - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- 'Dive down in the deep end' - Gabriel

We'll miss the obvious song connotation here and focus in on a great song, even better live with the awesome 'Dive down on the Deep End Lyric, as let's face it sometimes there's only one way to find out if your up it.

Too often I meet folk who are an all 'Systems Go Yes' and then for a variety of reasons become a 'Cold Feeted NO'.

Mostly it's down to confidence and self-worth and I do all I can to make their dreams come true. Luckily this weekend, the folk on my MdS Training Camp in Wales were all good confirmed 'Yes People'. All from different strokes and all abilities...

Even better than that, we were all lucky to get off Pen-Y-Van before a thunderstorm struck a couple of people on the mountain where we'd run only a couple of hours before.

Maybe their luck's in and they've 'Kissed their Frog'. Are you scared to Kiss yours and see what happens?

More tomorrow...

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