Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tom Sawyer - Rush

Lyric:- Catch the Mystery, Catch the Wit, Catch the Spirit - Peart

My next Album Choice set of Blogs is from Rush's 1981Album Moving Pictures.

Now I'm not the biggest Mark Twain reader and Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are a million lightyears ago in a primary school lesson of 1971 BUT as a song it's right up there with the best IMO and is one of the greatest album openers ever recorded. There's still a great rush for me as that first power chord, cymbal crash and drums hits you firmly right between the eyes.

I like that about this song and I like it as it suits my character. I hit most things running and what you see is what you get. If I say I'm going to do something I will and I always try to deliver on my promises.

There's no mystery, lots of wit and an abundance of spirit. There has to be in my line business. It's amazing how liberating it can be for others when they let down their defences and live life a bit more freely when they've been coached. My guys doing the 100km Race to the Stones at the week are a testament to how much folk can change if they are prepared to listen.

Those of you I've coached might now enjoy that freedom you've always longed for. For those of you that haven't maybe you should and for those who've been there and got the T-shirt but have lapsed back into a previous world maybe you need a Refresher Course!

Please come and see me...You never know, you might enjoy it!

Rory Coleman - 910 Marathons - 233 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

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