Friday, 24 July 2015

Shaking the Tree - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- Turning the tide, you are on the incoming wave, turning the tide, you know you are nobody's slave - Gabriel & N'Dour

Song Choice:- There's no excuse in a week of 1990's hit's needed to use my ALLTIME Favourite Song EVER - Shaking the Tree... The Live Version .

Gabriels's stage presence, Paula Coles Vocals, Rhodes Guitar and Levin's Bass make this such a Coleman Classic. I love the feeling this song erupts in my inner soul. The lyrics contain the great line 'Changing your ways, changing those surrounding you' would make a fitting epitaph for me perhaps especially as I’m great at shaking my very own tree. 

Yesterday I was asked for my name at a Starbucks and I thought I’d just say ‘Awesome’ as I’m still surfing a wave from last weekend’s Race to the Stones and yes I not surprised that I was accused of blowing my own trumpet when I posted it on FB. I always think that if I don’t shake my tree, who else will. My reply was to ask what others might put on their own cup only to have the quality of Starbucks Coffee questioned and not a single sensible answer.

The opportunity to Shake was missed, sadly by those that need to Shake the most. I Shake a lot of other people’s trees each and every day of my life…It’s my job and it’s my mission.

Last night, I drove 200 miles in the early hours on the quietest, darkest roads listening to Shaking the Tree the whole way. The night gave me such an overwhelming calm feeling of freedom I feel so lucky.

Over the weekend, why don’t you Shake your Tree and start to feel Awesome too or whatever your word is – All you have to do is to ‘Open your Heart’ and start Shaking.

More tomorrow…

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