Sunday, 22 November 2015

009 Sound System - Space and Time

Lyric:- You can do anything you want to - Peris

Song Choice:- An artist that was totally new to me yesterday and there are some great tracks to escape with on the Dreamscape Album. Take a listen for yourself here.

How's this, I ran yesterday's MdS Training Marathon with a Nuclear Physicist. Hearing about the tiniest particle theories man knows of, made me realise in an ever expanding universe just how small we are yet how many billion particles of such particles have to combine to form each and every one of us.

Imagine all the world's Lego in one place assembled into the complex model ever and you've just created a billionth of an atom that you'd need to make one single person. It's just bonkers!

And all a bit weird if I'm being honest as a lot of the facts are actually only theories and as yet unproven - The thing is that they are known to exist but as yet we haven't been able to find them. Even so, the Nuclear Academics are happy that they will materialise at some stage in the future and happy to keep on looking.

How cool is that?

Who'd have thought that hard and fast Academics rely on 'Faith'. How refreshing and please don't ask me to explain any of the physics in question as I never did the 'O' Level let alone a 'PHD' and 'Masters' like my client. On the belief level, like them I'm right up there as 'Faith' is one of my real qualities as well as 'Hope'.

Luckily my work brings me into contact with people I wouldn't normally meet and every day is a school day. as we never stop learning. Don't worry, I won't be enrolling at the local night school with my eyes set on winning a Nobel Prize. I don't need to as I saw the world from a new perspective today and that's all that matters.

When was the last time you saw your world from a fresh perspective?

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