Friday, 20 November 2015

The Real Thing - Faith No More

Lyrics:- 'Like your heartbeat when you realize you're dying, but you're trying. Like the way you cry for a happy ending'.

Song Choice:- It sounds strange to me when folk say someone is 'terminally ill', it's like death is somehow never going to happen to anyone. However some of the ''Outlook Appointment's' for the Pearly Gates are sooner than others. 

The hard thing of course is that we don't know when that day is, so we just bury our heads and ignore the fact and take our foot off the 'Got to make my mark on the World-Pedal'. 

So I wonder why we allow ourselves to lose the feeling that this life of ours is 'The Real Thing'.

It's been a time of realisation for lots of the folk I've met recently as I watch the 'Penny has finally drop' and the wonder of the world that surroundsus all finally comes to life in front of my eyes.

Take today...I met an incredible person this morning whose life was destroyed when during an operation he had a very rare 'Right-sided' stroke. This once active and very proud man, has been left disabled and really angry...and I mean ******* angry. I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. For him asking for help is the absolute pits. So demeaning and for the past couple of years it's been a prison cell existence in his body without parole.

Yet today the anger disappeared and life's opportunities and it's 'Real Thing' suddenly came back to life and turned a corner. The crying stopped and the Happy Ending got one step nearer. I'll keep you posted on what's going to be a remarkable journey for a remarkable man. Yep he's aiming BIG! Well it's the only way to aim ins't it.

More tomorrow.

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