Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2 Become 1 - The Spice Girls

Lyric:- Set your spirit free, it's the only way to be - Bunton, Brown, Chisholm, Beckham, Halliwell, Rowbottom & Standard

Song Choice:- Not my usual choice this, but then again I did see the reunion tour and they were awesome...There I've said it. Anyway, it's the video that interests me most about this track and the last 45 seconds in particular as it's got some magic moments and great rhythms.

Take a look here for yourself and it's from 1996 BTW - Yikes 20 years ago!

Anyway, it's the Girl's in real-time and the back ground sped up part of the video that gets me everytime and it's a video that I often think about when life is speeding ahead of us. 

Maybe you get the same feeling as I do that we are in slow motion whilst the world whizzes by in the fast lane. You know the, I'll just fit 48 hours of living into every 24 hour day. Jack Bauer wouldn't stand a chance living in my real time I can tell you.

Then again, thinking about it the video should be in slow-motion whilst we are dashing about our days trying to complete everything we start, trying to make everything as 100% perfect as possible ,whilst those around us settle for second or third best.

It sure is a funny old game getting the priorities right but I've been extremely heartened by a 71 year old I've been coaching today as he's going to try and beat Sir Ranulph's age record at the Marathon des Sables next April. He's fit, determined and enjoying his life's latter years doing the thing he loves the most.

Now that can't be bad can it.

Maybe we need to slow-motion ourselves and enjoy the moments we are having right now...perhaps?

More tomorrow.

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