Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hey Boy - Take That

Lyrics:- 'Don't settle for less than you deserve, don't waste a minute of your precious time' - Barlow, Weaver, Norton, Owen & Donald

Song Choice:- Well I've always been a real Barry Garlow fan (yes spoonerism noted but it makes me smile) and he really can write a great tune AND in this case some great lyrics. 

The song is just perfect for today's blog too.

It's about settling for 'Second Best' and to illustrate this, I thought I'd share three inspirational YouTube clips that really get me thinking and get my heartbeat, thoughts and emotions running, so I don't let my own standards go downhill. It's quite an eclectic mix and you might think wtf but they all deliver that first time, clear thinking, moment of realisation that we all can draw on to sort our own sh1t out with.

As a Child of seven this was THE moment of the 20th Century for me (well I only had 38 years of experience) and marked an 'Out of World Experience' for us all. See what I mean here.

In 1994 at the same old annual passport for a few beers and jeers, eight minutes and twenty seconds that changed the world of entertainment; the look at the end says it all. If you wait it, the OMG I'm really going to be rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams is priceless and the rest is history. See what I mean here.

And finally a film sequence that is so magical it blows away all of life's BS with a simple plastic bag. See what I mean here.

Now I'm sure you have your own three. I could've put loads up here including Live Aid, the Twin Towers, Gigsy's goal even but it doesn't matter. You've got the idea and hopefully like me you know that second best is second rate and it just ain't good enough. Someone asked me yesterday what the least training you could do was for the MdS - you can guess what I said.

Let me know your three and why...I might like 'em too.

Nos Da.

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