Friday, 13 November 2015

Poison Arrow - ABC

Lyric:- 'Raise your aim' - Fry, Singleton & White

Song Choice:- I love a bit of the old ABC and this song came to mind today. I could have chosen 'Many happy returns', with the great line 'Like the Phoenix coming back from the Ashes uh-huh'...but I believe the 'Raise your aim' fits my thoughts today just perfectly. It's been a long old week you see. A tiring one too, after five marathons last week including the Triple-Ultra Druid Challenge, a hard week of coaching and another 42.2km today, on the wonderful Welsh Riviera.

Anyway, going back to the ABC lyric, and raising your aim. Again, it's an interesting thought especially if you've been reading my blogs closely this week.

Aiming high has never been a problem for me as I've always wanted to be the BEST at anything I do, or I'm not really interested if I'm being honest. Run a marathon, only right to do 1000; set a Guinness World Record...then set five in a day and at least nine to get the maximum da-daaa appeal.

It sounds a bit shallow when I write it here but it's what makes me tick. It's my way of expressing myself and making a mark on this busy world we all live in. I'm going to carry on now for the rest of 2015 as I've clocked up 63 marathons now, my best for a couple of years and I'm looking forward to an exciting 2016 with a whole lot of new adventures ahead of me.

Are you raising your aim?

More tomorrow.

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