Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Design for Life - The Manic Street Preachers

Lyric:- 'What price now for a shallow piece of dignity'

Song Choice:- Seems only right as lead singer James Dean Bradfield was at Cafe Castan in Pontcanna getting a cup of tea this morning at the same time I was and since then this track has firmly stuck playing over and over in my head!

Isn't it funny how certain things get lodged in our minds and we just can't shake 'em. I don't mind in this case though as the 'Design for Life' lyric is such a great hook and of course it's the Manics at their best...

I mean, if only we were all born with a handbook, life would be simple.

We'd all then live 'By Design'. Everyone would have a plan, we'd all know where we stand with each other and there'd be no war, only love. It would lead us to the perfect world,you know the one you've spent a lifetime trying to reach.

Only life's not that perfect is it and it all sounds far too 'Stepford Wivesy', well for my liking 'cos as you know I'm not really one for rules.

Then again lots of folk don't live by the rules either and live in a more kind of 'Freeform Jazz' kinda way, wearing Earplugs so they don't hear the cacophony they make and dark glasses so they don't see the mess they leave in their wake.

Ask them 'How are things?' and they'll tell you 'Life's ticketyboo' only what they really mean is 'Beam me up Scotty as I haven't got a clue what I'm doing at all. All I want to do is be happy, but there's no plan!'

Maybe writing a few simple operating instructions for your own life would help get things going in the right direction before a possible redesign.

I love the old adage, 'Engage brain before putting mouth into gear'. I've found disconnecting my drive' and pressing my 'Reset button', helps in times of conflict. I know that from experience very well!

Are you in need of a 'Grand Life Re-Design. Makes you wonder what parts you'd keep...I'd be really interested to know...

More tomorrow...

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