Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Night After Night - UK

Lyric:- 'Yesterday is what I will leave it' - Wetton & Jobson

Song Choice:- This song came to mind earlier today talking about using 'Night Nurse' as an alternative to Wine with a client of mine. The idea being that it helps turn off one's grey matter, when it won't turn off by itself in the small hours. At the equivalent of £23.39 against a 75l bottle of Vino Plonko it's not really a cheap option and definitely not sold by the glass in any establishment that I know but maybe they're right and a quick slug of 'Night Nurse' is probably better than a bottle of falling down water.

Either that or listen to the above 'Prog Rock Anthem' here when your brainwaves are burning your brain out...

Continuing on with the lyrics and I'm not quite sure what 'Yesterday is what I will leave it' means...but back in 1979 I didn't really care if I'm being honest, it was more about the amount of keyboards, drums and how long the track was. 

Love and Romance with sexy 'Coldplay Love Lyrics' was far from my mind.

I might have a good listen later on myself if it all goes wrong and I get the 'Wide Awakes' at 4am. 

Then again, I ran 26.2 miles with 71 year old Bill Mitchell today and with hundreds of litres of sea air through my lungs I might well not need a bit of UK and then 'Yesterday is what I will leave it'.

More tomorrow...

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