Friday, 6 November 2015

Royal Blood - Out of the Black

Lyric:- 'And took the skin off my back running' -  Kerr & Thatcher

Song Choice:- Before I lost my headphone volume from my iPhone in today's Druid Challenge Day 1 29.5 miler, I was happily banging out the miles to the Royal Blood Dunes unique Bass Guitar and Drum only brand of Rock. No skin off my back but a bit of a bummer as they are such an amazing band to run to.

The tunes helped loads as the MUD was totally MEGA all the way but luckily the sand dune training at Merthyr Mawr I've been doing has helped no end as I powered my way to the finish and a very happy first 29.5 miles of the race. Picked up a few scalps along the way too. TA Coach Lady Coleman!

What my legs will be like tomorrow who knows, especially after the three marathons I've done this week.

I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep and hopefully 100 snoring runners will make less of a din than a 9 month old hungry Jack Anthony Coleman at 3am! I do have some heavy opiates to help if not and a big size 11.5 boot if it gets too much. Last year I swear someone was hoovering in the night.

More tomorrow from another marathon muddy day on the Ridgeway.

Cheers folks...Now where are my ear-plugs?

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