Thursday, 19 November 2015

Keep Talking - The Pink Floyd (Pulse 1994)

Lyrics:- 'I think I should speak now, I can't seem to speak now, My words won't come out right, I feel like I'm drowning, I'm feeling weak now, but I can't show my weakness' - Gilmour, Samson & Wright

Song Choice:- Well it's been a bit of a 'Pink Floyd Week' for me and my 'Guardian Angels' from a lifetime ago still deliver the goods especially with this 1994 'Live' version of the 1991 Division Bell track has every Pink Floyd trademark you could ever want handily written into nearly seven minutes of pure magic, you can appreciate right here.

It's been a long day in the gym today, (especially with this tooth ache) and as usual in my Running Clinics, there's a lot to cover and only a short time to get to know the people I meet in depth, so I can evaluate their needs and help them break down their self imposed barriers, that limit their horizons both personally and physically.

The biggest barrier I find is the one where folk are limited by the people they surround themselves with. Both at Home and at Work. There are SO many vampires and negative partners out there. Breaking through the barrier and seeing the result is one of the best parts of my job. There have been so many amazing moments that have lead to greatness. 

However the best ones are when you really connect and you don't have to 'Keep Talking' as it's there right in front of me plain to see. Call it a 'Sixth Sense' if you like but it's more like 'life experience 'and having been there myself, it's an easy one to spot.

I used to be too proud...The line of 'Not Showing your Weakness, feeling weak or drowning' are all references of being bullied or feeling depressed which often leads to a self-imposed silence, from what I found. A kind of self imposed silent domestic cease-fire slowly stops things getting worse but never improves things...ever.

What you or other folk are thinking or feeling then becomes  impossible to comprehend.

Yet in just over a couple of hours in Cardiff all of this can unravel and new horizons are found, levels of determination set at 11/10 and new oaths are sworn to a better person, live up to new dreams and head for a cleaner life.

I wonder how many just 'Keep Talking', rather than let the 'Real Talking' begin...

Remember C Scott Ragsdale - 'You can talk about it all day, but just make it happen'...

Is that You?

More tomorrow...

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