Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Wish You Were Here - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl - Gilmour, Waters & Wright

Song Choice:- From my most purchased album ever, (must be double figures on cassette, vinyl, cd and mp3) the 2011 remastered edition has some amazing early recordings of Raving and Drooling (later to become Sheep) as a bonus. As for the above rack, right from the first time I ever heard it, it hit all my buttons, very firmly, and has done every time I've heard to since.

You see, it's the 'How I wish, how I wish you were here' bit that I've always connected with. Of course I know the song was written about Syd Barrett but that doesn't matter as it's perfect for tonight's blog.'

Bear with me, but if I asked you where in the world you would like to be whisked off to right now, I bet it would be a sunny, white sanded beach next to a wide and deep warm blue ocean lying on a sun-lounger armed with a favourite tipple(soft drink of course) and a good book. Y

es, your own Island Paradise.

It all sounds idyllic...and, if we took time out from our Paradise to write a postcard or drop a message on Facebook (as of course it would have wi-fi), you might write - 'Wish you were here'. to all and sundry 

Only would you really mean it? I don't think you would...I know I wouldn't.

It's a funny old thing eh? But would you really want to be asking anyone to join you and ruin your tranquility and simple existence. Running's like that for me as I discovered early on in my career, I soon went to that very beach, the one you have pictured in your mind right now, every time I ran.

If you can see the beach, you'll understand just what I'm talking about. If you can feel the sun, you'll understand the warmth exercise can bring into your life and if you can feel the waves rushing in and out around your feet, then you'll know that the ocean washes away your woes and creates a fresh beach to walk on every day. I could go on but there's no need for any star nonsense is there! 

Wish you were here? Maybe not!

More tomorrow...

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