Sunday, 21 February 2016

Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Magimax 125bpm) - Bjork

Madeira Sunshine - Yum Yum
Lyric:- 'I can sense it, something important is about to happen it's coming up. It takes courage to enjoy it the hardcore and the gentle big time sensuality.

Song Choice:- This is the first Bjork track I ever bought. Why, because it's just simply Juicy, very JUICY. I love the way it washes over your ear-drums leaving you gasping for more of her unique musical sensuality. Take a look and a listen here for yourself and see what you you've been missing all these years.

Sure she's barking mad, but we are all aren't we? - I know I am.

Anyway, after being incarcerated all weekend by the Caerdydd weather and following a couple of sand-marathons towards the back end of last week, I need a break from the pissing rain - and I'm in need of the feeling of accomplishment.

February's the worst month of all I reckon in Wales and I for one will be glad to kick it's rather wet and cold backside into touch and get my teeth firmly into a nice bit of some March Springtime Heat.

I'm not sure how 'hardcore' my desire is but I know I need the sensuality of the warm Spring Sunshine to fuel my courage for the busy months ahead...

It's coming up, I can sense it. Can you?

Rory Coleman
965 Marathons - 240 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World records

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