Friday, 19 February 2016

Obscured by Clouds - The Pink Floyd

Today's Song Choice:- Written by Gilmour and Waters, it's off a 1972 Pink Floyd Album of the same title which has never been part of my album collection if I'm being honest - That maybe of course that in it's own way, it's been 'Obscured by Clouds', ha ha.

Seriously though we all get our brains misted up a lot of the time, not necessarily with the 'Smoke and Mirrors' Bullshit clouds which we get sold on, nope the ones that mean we don't see things clearly for what they are. 

To reach such a clear state of awareness is a real gift, I've acknowledge it and use it to it's full potential, well that's down right scary.

Honesty, and by that I mean just cutting out the BS, becomes a more effective tool with age I've found. I for one would rather know the truth about where I stand with folk, otherwise what's the point. Character Camouflaging drives me you know folk like that?

I've found in recent years that even events get 'Obscured by Clouds'... I see my specialist subject, The Marathon des Sables, so clearly after 12 completions. It's part of my DNA and yet folk are endlessly blowing 'Smoking up their Mirrors' about it now - there's nothing worse that an armchair expert that's never even done the race. The amazing GUCR145 has simply lost that 1990's magic with it 'Nouveau Racers'...

I love exploring life and I saw the 'World today, clearly for what it is and for what I am' - Did you - Or did you someone elses?

That's the million dollar question or do you need to wait for some 'Blue Sky Thinking' or check on Google first.

Rory Coleman
965 Marathons - 240 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records
8080 Days Dry.

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