Friday, 5 February 2016

Two Way Street - Kimbra (Aeroplane Remix)

Lyric:- 'And there's no conspiracy' - Kimbra

Song Choice:- Kimbra is officially awesome and not so well known perhaps outside of NZ but I'm so glad she popped up on my internet radio last year. Good old 'Afterbeat'. Have a listen for yourself here.

And it's that 'Two-Way Street' analogy that I'm focussing on here as most folk I meet seem to only go with the flow...You know, wanting to fit in, not causing any ripples, or going against the tide.

And that's their problem!

Wake up folks before it's too f@cking late I say! Before you find yourself applying for Over 50's Car Insurance, tuning into bloody Countryfile wearing your slippers with a mug of Horlicks before switching on the Electric Blanket and donning some stripy pyjamas.

If the highlight of your week is a trip to Dunhelm, we need to talk...don't even get me going on Bake-Off!!!

I'm my 54th birthday lumbers my way - I have no intention of growing up at all and will swim against the tide as hard as I can so that I get the most out of my Two-Way Street Experience.

So to my fellow Demi-Centurions, if I've just described you, well it's time to do a '180' (oh that means to turn about face, Grandma), and fight your way back along the path to early old age you've been taking, (treading on all the cracks of course), quickly, before you are nearer 70 than 50....

There's no 'conspiracy theory' here folks, find reverse gear now as I've got firm proof that 'Countryfile' can prematurely age you.

Phew, and hopefully I've saved some lives today!

Anyway, more tomorrow - and I'll write it just after Countdown and my afternoon nap - you get a FREE Parker Pen, just for reading it :-)

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