Sunday, 7 February 2016

Review - Squeeze

Lyric:- 'You make-believe celebrities' - Difford & Tilbrook

Song Choice:- 'Review' fitted my thoughts just perfectly today as it's a rarity that I ever 'Review' any running gear or events, as the ones I see reproduced in magazines or on-line in FB are in such minute detail, the wall of text immediately turns me off reading any further. The reviews are often written by folk that have interests in pushing product or about events that they've never even run themselves. Somehow, these 'Reviews' become gospel from these 'make-believe celebrities' and I thought I would contra one such review below.

For some back-story...
I'm a real Brooks Training Shoes Fan. I recommend them to most of my clients as I truly believe in them. They are awesome and I've run thousands and thousands of miles in Brooks Trainers, mainly the Adrenalin GTS. The Variants from GTS7 to GTS15 have been getting better and better, and luckily for me wider and wider. They are an ideal Marathon des Sables trainer, worn by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and myself, blister-free, last year.

A pair of Brooks Trainers really under-impressed me off yesterday whist running the 33 mile Pilgrim Challenge.

The Culprit...The Brooks Cascadia 10.

The Runner's World Review gushes...
'Exceptional stability and rugged durability have defined the Cascadia for a decade. This version has a better-fitting upper, which combines more pliable materials with a plastic mid-foot saddle that comfortably wraps the foot and stabilises it on variable terrain. The sole further adds stability: pivot posts--wedges of firm material on each corner of the shoe--act like outriggers to keep the foot from rolling. Testers reported that the cushioning hits a great balance between protection and a firm, responsive trail feel'.

Did they actually run in these shoes?
I say...
This is one of the blandest pairs of trainers I've ever worn. Everything about them is ordinary and they aren't very good on mud as there isn't enough grip. There isn't much support as after a couple of marathons and an ultra they are already collapsing. The fit is very lose around your foot. These are just sloppy...and very heavy when they're wet. I could go on...

But what's the point as it's only my opinion. Then again, I believe my opinion counts and if you are interested in it plain and simply, I'm not even going to wear them again as they just aren't up to the job and they're heading for my dustbin. I might even ask for my money rather than give you all that heel drop, midsole constructing roller here's MY 'Review'...

'Don't buy these shoes as you'll be very disappointed and there are far better options out there to choose from in my opinion for both on and off-road running. It's just a 1/5 star rating from me, which is a shame coming from a company that makes the GTS and Ghost which are an outstanding 5/5.'

Come on Brooks, it's time to deliver a great trail shoe and I'd only be too glad to review it for you.

'Cos I know my Training Shoes.

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